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Ready to restore dignity and compassion to the issue of immigration?
Want to end the partisan corruption that has plagued Texas' 27th District?
Think we should to hold politicans accountable for how Russia attacked our elections?

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TX-27 Special Election: June 30th


Ripping parents away from children isn't American. We are better than this.

Disaster Relief

Texans still need help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. As a career first responder, I won't let playing politics get in the way of supporting them.

Rule of Law

I'll be the Independent voice in Congress to make sure that no one — not even the President — is above the law.

About Chris

My name is Chris Suprun and I’m a firefighter and a paramedic. I’ve dedicated my life to emergency response and to serving my neighbors. My father was a MP in Vietnam and a cop in Virginia. My grandfather fought Nazis in WWII. They taught me to stand up for what’s right, especially when it isn’t easy.

In December 2016, I was a Republican Elector for the state of Texas. I refused to cast my vote for Donald Trump. I believed then, as I do now, that the Electoral College was meant to be a last line of defense to prevent someone possibly under foreign influence, who puts himself above our country, from becoming President. Recent news about Trump’s countless ties to Russia, as well as the example he is setting for our children when he calls immigrants “animals,” has me even more concerned. I’m ready to stand up for the Rule of Law against those who want to put party over country. I’m ready to call out hate and hypocrisy even if it’s in my former party.

I am running for Congress in the Texas’ 27th Congressional District Special Election on June 30th. I fear we have lost our humanity in how we are approaching immigration. We cannot allow ICE Agents to rip parents from children and stalk our schools and hospitals. I’m old enough to remember Ronald Regan and George H.W. Bush debating how to have compassion when it comes to immigration.

TX 27 was hit hard by hurricane Harvey. I’m also running to be an Independent voice to support the good people there who are still suffering. They deserve someone who listens to their needs, not to a political party. I believe we must continue to keep our government open and accountable, find a better way to deliver jobs to Texas, and ensure healthcare options are available and affordable for all.

Independence From Partisan Corruption...

It starts in TX-27.

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