"I know you and I share hopes and dreams for our families, our careers, and our communities. We can create the world we want, but it takes work. "

—Chris Suprun—

About Chris

Stephen Christopher “Chris” Suprun was born in Virginia and moved to Texas in 2004. He is inspired every day to help people in big ways and small. This inspiration starts at home, where he and his wife are raising five children. Chris and Dianne met on the campaign trail in 1997 and were married in 1999.

Chris is best known for his New York Times op-ed where he announced he would not vote for Donald Trump in the Electoral College. He has been active in the political process since his teenage years both working to register voters and get them to polling locations.​

Chris has also served his community since before he graduated high school. For more than twenty years he has served as both volunteer and paid roles as a firefighter and paramedic. Those roles have led him into instructional and leadership positions where he has been an author and spoken across the country and internationally on issues such as weapons of mass destruction, mass casualty incident management, and pediatrics. In this final area he was also recognized by his medical community peers who nominated and elected him Chairman of the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMS-C) National Resource Center Advisory Council. His fire service colleagues elected him President of his firefighters’ local association in 2007.​

Chris’ other volunteer activities and board positions demonstrate his longstanding commitment to serving the community members and interests that need the most help. He has served on advisory boards dealing with aging, the disabled, mental health and substance abuse, and natural resources protection and preservation as well as public retirement pensions and mentoring at-risk youth.​

Chris is running for Congress after standing up to Donald Trump in the Electoral College and staring down the GOP. He has shown he is willing to put principles into practice and represent the grassroots, not Washington DC special interests. Chris has shown he will do the right thing. We ask you to help elect him to Congress so he can take that attitude to DC on every issue.

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